Situation description:

Stone saw mill with a flow of 30 m³/h heavily polluted water. Because the fine dust created from the cutting process did not have sufficient settling time, pipes clogged and the customer had high maintenance costs.

Although the customer had a sedimentary tank with three separate sections, a more profound solution was necessary.





Offered installation:

GWC 60

Short description:

The water treatment plant is placed in the middle of the two saws. The waterpipes we could put in the drain canals. The powerful 5.5 kW submersible pump for the supply of water is put in the front section of the tank where the water is at its dirtiest.

We have sought - and found - a special type of flocculant that binds the very fine stonedust efficiently. Then the water is purified by centrifugal force. The customer delivers big bags of 1000 liters for the reception of the residual matter.


Stone sawmill