Situation description:

With a daily traffic of 200 with loam soil contaminated tires just 500 meters from the village center this customer was looking for a powerful solution for both his truck and his heavy vehicles.





Offered installation:

DK-Grating Wide 3.5 Extended
with 2x15 kW pumps (2.400 l/min - 4 bar)

Short description:

Because of the sticky nature of the clay earth the customer chose a DK-Grating Wide equipped with two pumps of 15 kW instead of the usual 11 kW and additionnaly spray extentions.

These extentions increase the total lenght of the installation up to four metres with a huge spraying range of 20 meters! The more powerful pumps increase pressure up to 4 bars and a flow of 2.400 liters per minute. The result is an uncomparable powerful cleaning result with a minimum of space.


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