Situation description:

Quarry, with a volume of over 400 heavily polluted trucks per day.
As loam ground settles very badly a solution for the dirty water was to be found.







Offered installation:

Wheel washing system: DK-Bridge 580 Wide 4.0
Pumps: 2 x 15 kW (4 bar - 1200 l / min per pump)

Water treatment plant: 2 x GWC 60 (120 m³ / h treatment capacity)


Short description:

Pending the arrival of a fixed installation we've placed three compact serially connected wheel washing systems from our rental fleet, connected to a mobile water treatment plant. The quarry not only has a very high traffic rate, in case of rainy weather trucks are additionally highly contaminated with sticky clay soil. To tackle these two problems we have made a six meter installation (= the equivalent of two wheel rotations) and the water contaminated with loam soil is treated in the wastewater treatment plant. This not only had the advantage that the client has virtually not needed to perform any civil works but - more importantly - we have offered a solution to the problem that the clay settles very bad and thus trucks were always 'cleaned' with dirty water.

It goes without saying that both the customer and the truck drivers were very satisfied with this solution.