With a series of small traders in the immediate neighbourhood, this cement producing company chose to create the least possbile nuisance.

Situation description:

As the company made an agreement with local government to be able to dump their risidual chalk at their own premises issues with dust problems for their neighbours rose as the road towards to dump would pass local traders. To create the least possible nuisance the owners of the company decided to install two wheel washers, each at one end of the road. After a visit to comparable industrial sites the customer chose to use Grating Wide wheel washers because of their all-in construction and pressure of 4 bar. Where competitors offered high-flow solutions, Geowell wheel washers had their preference as they where convinced the higher pressure would be more suitable because of the very sticky nature of chalk.





Offered installation:

DK-Grating Wide 3.5 Extended
DAKMI-Floculent injector


Industrial site