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DK-Grating 220

150 - 300 per day

Pollution: +++

Most prized installation in many countries because of its powerful cleaning. Equipped with automatic waste removal scraper for the toughest applications. Monolithic construction and ingenious all-in design with built-in compressor and pump filter.

Applicable vehicles
Truck width max. 2.800 mm
L 2.200 x W 5.748 x H 2.076 (mm)
Gross Weight
4.500 Kg
Main Power Supply
380/460 V x 3 Ř x 50 Hz
Energy Consumption
13,05~21 Kw
Double photo sensor
Submersible Pump
11 Kw x 380/460 V x 3 Ø x 50 Hz
Washing capacity
150 - 300 per day
Water spraying pressure
2~2,5 Kg/cm²
Water tank capacity
6.000 L